identifying the benefits of group assignments in the context of project management students in Australia
you will conduct a literature search to identify relevant scholarly sources. You will provide a summary of the most relevant scholarly article using your own words. You will then critically evaluate the article by identifying patterns, themes, similarities and differences as compared with the other articles you have identified. The evaluation process should lead you to identify a potential gap or an opportunity that may warrant further research. This gap or opportunity can be distilled from any explicit or implicit limitations, recommendation of further research and/or flaws in that article. If you are unable to identify such gap, it is acceptable that, with justification, you opt to replicate the research reported in that article in a different context, country or perspective. As a logical conclusion of this assessment task, you must derive up to two preliminary research questions to address the gap or the opportunity. You must also include a screenshot of Turnitin similarity report showing the similarity percentage. Then, you will provide your personal reflection of your learning experience in this phase. The reflection should record your experiences, feelings and reactions during the entire phase. This may include your commentary on Turnitin similarity percentage and evaluation of the adopted approaches, techniques or tutorial activities that have been helpful or unhelpful. You must also reflect on the consultation process you have had with your lecturer/tutor, peers and Moodle sources.
Your critical review report should not exceed 1200 words. The report must substantially include the following components:

A description of the topic using a supplied tool.
A table of four relevant articles (presented in Harvard format) and keywords or combination of keywords used to identify each article.
A summary of the most relevant article to the topic. (up to 300 words).
A critical appraisal of the article. (up to 300 words)
Preliminary research questions.
A screenshot of the Turnitin similarity report.
Your personal reflection. (up to 300 words)

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