Identify a specific task assigned to you by amanager. Break down the steps he or she took in the oral message-sending process.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses class responses. Responses [The of the will appear here] [The of the will appear here] Identify a specific task assigned to you by amanager. Break down the steps he or she took in the oral message-sending process. Share this with your classmates.

My manager gave me the task of contacting old clients and getting back their feedback. She gave me a list of phone numbers of old clients. She orally gave me a list of questions I could ask these clients. She told me to be specifically polite with them and invite them back to the store if they seemed interested. The last step I had to complete was write down a report on the feedback.

What is your weakest listening skill? How can you improve that?

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My weakest listening skill is remembering all parts of the instructions or lessons. I usually forget some part especially numbers and dates. The best way to improve this is to jot down the important points.

Have you ever used paraphrasing? Has it been used on you? Describe the situation and your thoughts on whether it was helpful in communicating.

I think everyone uses paraphrasing when they make the message understandable for the listener. It has been used a lot on me. For instance, when I do not understand a class lesson, my friends help me understand it by paraphrasing it to me and helping me understand the lesson on my level.

Reponses to Classmates:

Jeena Shrestha:

You have said that you have never paraphrased. I would disagree because paraphrasing is inevitable. For instance, when you explain something about the internet to your mother using yahoo answers, you are paraphrasing it on her level. Many times we are involved in the task of paraphrasing without realizing it.

Patricia Rivera:

I agree when you say that staying focused is sometimes very difficult when listening to someone else. I think it would help when you would actively participate in the listening process and contribute. In this way, you will not get bored and make the listener help stick to the important point.

Nicole Wood:

You had a great supervisor during your military time. I think he could serve as a great example for you and help you improve your skills as a manager when the time comes.

Ashley Vanbeek:

Distractions are a big impediment to listening. I like your suggestions on how you can improve on this skill and it could serve as an example for the rest of the listeners who have the same issue.

Penny Howland:

You did not break down the steps of the oral message-sending process. You just explained how the work was completed. The focus should have been on how the message was communicated.

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