I need help with a philosophy project | Phill 100 | California State University, Fullerton

“If you believe that there is a God who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and concerned with justice and the well-being of humanity, explain how there can be so much evil and suffering in the world. Pursue as far as you can the responses and objections to one of the various attempts to answer the problem of evil.”


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1k wrds.

1) Clarity:  Do you clearly state what you are going to be discussing in your paper and what your
views are that you are arguing for?  
2) Adherence to thesis: Do you actually talk about what you explain you will be discussing in your
paper, if you bring in quotes, do they support what you are attempting to prove.  If you mention
other topics, do you explain how they relate?
3) Mastery of material you discuss:  Do you explain the concepts you are talking about in your
paper, and are those concepts understood correctly, if the concept is controversial be sure to
explain why as well as what you believe is the best solution to the controversy is.  Do you
understand and can you identify the arguments being made?  Are your own arguments
consistent and to you avoid fallacies?
4) Overall appearance and presentation of your paper:  Be sure to proofread your paper for
spelling and grammar, I will take off points if spelling or grammar mistakes lead to a lack of
clarity in your paper.  Also, you can definitely use quotes, but make sure that the quotes are not
writing your paper, use quotes to support your argument, not to make your argument or clarify
it.  Whenever you use a quote, explain the context, why you are using it, and how the
information conveyed in the quote benefits the position you are holding.
Checklist for Paper:
1) Be sure your paper does not contain any formal or informal fallacies.
2) If the arguments in your paper can be put into logical form, please do so.
3) Be sure your thesis corresponds to your conclusion and that the scope of your paper
corresponds to the content in your paper
4) Be sure to justify your premises

1) An introduction to the topic—explaining its relevance
2) Your thesis clearly stated
3) The scope of your paper—explaining what you will and will not be covering—and why
4) A brief list of resources (bibliography) that you will be utilizing

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