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After reviewing Unleashing the Power of the Nurse to Achieve Health Equity, select one of the following recommendations from the National Academy of Medicine for the nursing profession that would allow nurses to help everyone achieve full health equity: Permanently removing barriers Valuing nurses’ contributions Preparing nurses to advance equity Diversifying the workforce Read “Health Policy Analysis: A Simple Tool for Policy Makers” from the University Library and Ch. 8, “Political Analysis and Strategies,” of Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care. Apply the 8-step policy analysis framework that the article and the textbook chapter presents. Use the framework to align with the recommendation you selected. For example, if the recommendation you chose was diversifying the workforce, you are going to use lack of diversity in the workforce as the problem and then work through all 8 steps to develop a policy analysis for the recommendation. Use the following 8-step policy analysis framework and compose a word policy analysis report on your selected recommendation: Each of the eight steps are required to be used as your headings. These are Level 1 headings and should be centered and in bold writing. Define the Context State the Problem Search for Evidence Different Policy Options Project the Outcomes Apply Evaluative Criteria Weigh the Outcomes Make the Decision Introduction and Conclusion are required.

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