How would you recommend informing those rude drivers? 

respond 100 words to the insturctor class 318 wk 7:

As you read the news or hear it, what is the one waste problem that bothers you?

respond 100 words to student dustin class 318 wk 7:

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I just finished reading your discussion for week 7 on the CFR Title 49 publication. I think this document has a plethora of imperative information for individuals working in logistics and transportation. Without this document we would probably have many issues in managing the transportation of hazardous materials. I believe this document helps to inform users of the requirements to help mitigate issues during storage, transportation, and safety. There is so much that could go wrong when transporting or just handling hazardous materials and having a blue print for a successful operation is key. I think you made a lot of good points in your discussion and I agree this document helps to reduce the effects of hazardous materials and is a major factor in the uniformity among hazmat requirements across the board. Again I enjoyed reading your discussion and the information you brought to the discussion this week.

respond 100 words to student smalley class 318 wk 7:

Great post this week. Having regulations in place is an important aspect to the day-to-day operations. If there was no regulations in place, who’s to say a company would not just dump their waste down the drain, store chemicals in unsafe containers, truckers might not placard their loads and etc.
I have spent the past 7 years dealing with hazardous materials. Some of the chemicals I have hauled, would have been dangerous if was discharged into the environment. I think the public needs to be trained a more on placard vehicles. I am cut off every day by a car while I am hauling a full of of gasoline. Not every smart if you ask me.
Keep up the great work.

respond 100 words to brian class 318 wk 7:

How would you recommend informing those rude drivers?

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