How to become a good writer: Composing myself as a Writer.

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Therefore, I need to ensure that I write at least one paragraph each day in order to sharpen my skills. This aspect will provide me with an opportunity to understand my strengths and weaknesses. As a result, I will be able to understand the areas that I need to work on while improving on others. Furthermore, I will become fond of writing, thereby, making me become accustomed to the writing behavior.

Reading is closely associated with writing. Therefore, for me to become a good writer I must become accustomed to reading. This is reading books, newspapers magazines, and other written materials. This will enable me to learn from other authors who are experienced in writing. Furthermore, I will be able to understand how to construct sentences, paragraphs, and even draft an essay. Moreover, I will learn how to arrange ideas and avoid grammatical errors.

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I need to interact with a group of supportive writers. Friends influence personal habits. Therefore, close friends who are writers are likely to challenge me. Through trading feedback with them, I will be able to understand about specific areas that I need to address in order to improve my writing skills. Furthermore, through their help, I will be able to feel encouraged even when I am yet to reach my desired levels.

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