Course Project Part II
It is important for you to understand your state’s constitution and the impact of constitutional provisions for your identified policy.
For your project this week, examine your state’s constitution and study your identified policy in relation to your state’s constitution.
Examine your state’s constitution and explain the following in your paper:

Is your policy topic addressed in your state’s constitution? If the policy is not directly addressed in the constitution, what constitutional provisions indirectly affect the policy area? For example, does the constitution give the legislative or the executive branch greater responsibility for the policy area?
Should your policy be a constitutional issue or is it more appropriately dealt with through legislation or administrative regulation?
Is your policy topic important to the general public? Are there any organizations involved in advocacy for or against existing policy? If not, why? If so, describe how they affect your selected policy.
Does the policy deserve more public interest? How might public involvement in the policy be increased or improved?

Submission Details:

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Cite all sources using the correct APA format.
Create a 2- to 4-page response in a Microsoft Word document.

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