Assignment Steps
· Show research on the matter that is properly cited and referenced according to APA with references
· Create a substantive message would include a personal or professional experience as it relates to the theory, please provide examples.
· Word count of each substantive participation 120-200 words of each one of the following subjects:
1. Understand disintermediation (the delivery of products and services by intervening in the traditional flow of good).
2. How have Google and Amazon disrupted not only bricks and mortar marketplace but internet marketing?
3. How does marketing intelligence (knowledge of your customers wants and needs) help drive marketing strategy?
4. What has Wal-Mart done well (and differently) than other companies like Target, K-Mart, Sears?
5. Explain environmental analysis information to marketing decisions.
6. Describe an informational goal to be addressed by manipulation of primary and/or secondary research.
7. Explain how to Determine marketing objectives – Provide Examples
8. Explain how to Determine marketing strategies – Provide Examples
9. Explain how to Determine marketing tactics – Provide Examples

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