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Original Forum

This week you will discuss transportation and logistics management and its impact on various economic activities. For example, how does transportation and logistics management impact a retailer getting their product on the shelf? How does their distribution network affect their ability to generate revenue as well as provide sustainability in their local economy? You will have to conduct online research to identify the various economic activities in relation to TLM and within the context of the retail industry.
Discuss in detail and provide sources to support your thoughts, insights, ideas, and statements.
Complete this Forum by providing a discussion of the economy and your project topic. How does the economy affect your project topic? Is this affect beneficial or detrimental? Why? If beneficial, is there room for improvement?  If detrimental, what do you foresee as solutions?

Student Responses


Hi everyone,
The Transportation Industry is cyclical in nature regarding economy. In one side of the coin, the transportation and logistics industry feed the economy. But in the other side economic progress and swings impact Transportation and Logistics.
It is part of the logistics operations to forecast the demand for transportation services in order to guarantee an on-time delivery to satisfy the customers. The higher the demand for the product, the higher the tempo of the supply chain will be, which, by nature, requires the agility of the transportation industry. As transportation services are profitably provided, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the industry increases, reflecting directly in the overall National GDP which is the main benchmark of the economy. Having a lower demand, would cause a contrary effect to the point explained above.
The economy definitely plays a huge role on the transportation and logistics. The economic swings can make or break an entire transportation company, if certain logistics processes are not in place. For example, the historical data collection, the analysis of that historical to forecast the demands for the products the company transports, in order to be prepared with the right inventory of transportation assets, and personnel, or with a cost-effective outsourcing solution. If the acquisition of assets and the maintenance is not well planned throughout the seasons, the company will fall into a seasonal economic hole, will be short during a sudden demand or during a transportation disruption.   Think about the production of Christmas trees for example. What would a transportation company do, if after the season its trucks remain unused? What if their assets are not enough to supply all Christmas trees before 24 December?
The distribution systems is what the retailer benefit from. Different products have different priorities of movement, and specific mode of transportation pre-established to preserve the physical integrity of the product. The hub-and-spoke system is one of the most comfortable and reliable way to guarantee on-time delivery. Products are transported on higher-volume conveyances, to the hub, then on a smaller conveyance, whether is a truck load, or less than truck load, or smaller aircraft to regional airports, or on a barge using inland waterways to the final destination. It will all depend on the type of product, the required delivery date and final destination location, amongst other factors.
The economy is part of my topic, and will be touched heavily to explain, how a handful of companies with well-established sustainability program trigger the demand for transportation services, affecting positively that level of GDP of the transportation industry and the overall economy.
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My examination is on the transportation and logistics chains. Items are transported between better places in various stages inside a supply chain. The transportation largy affects both responsiveness and proficiency. Quicker transportation permits a supply chain to be more responsive yet diminishes its proficiency inside a supply chain (Chopra and Meindle, 2007, p.53). Transportation has a noteworthy effect, since it controls the speed of reaction and answer as expressed in Newton’s third law of each activity there is constantly contradicted an equivalent response. A case of Amazon is an organization that offers items on the web and uses UPS or FedEx, which is a transportation organization that conveys items to clients. This is a case of transportation inside a supply chain. In logistic today composed article for Rosenau transportation increases ongoing perceivability to clients. This article about Rosenau discovered answer for help enhance dispatch, steering and client administration to give ongoing perceivability to its clients, and lessening working expenses by making more stops in less miles. They additionally centered around enhancing the data it gives to its clients on conveyance, pickup status, at same time rectifying the proficiency and efficiency of dispatchers and costumer benefit reps. Quickly it will execute a propelled course advancement answer for decrease the miles driven, and fuel utilized and hence lessen the bearer’s ecological effect. (Rosenau Transport Gains Real-Time, 2009)

As per, Sreenivas and Srinivas, because of the pattern of nationalization and globalization in late decades, logistics has progressed enormously since the 1950s and is as yet developing in different zones. Logistics has enhanced ventures by streamlining creation and appropriation processes in view of new administration procedures that upgrade proficiency and limit intensity of endeavors (Sreenivas and Srinivas).

All organizations trying to expand their organizations to contribute in propelling the development of offers and additionally enhance the techniques to incorporate all clients in different topographical locales, both by the high populace development or direct. Notwithstanding, globalization has changed everything so the organizations paid to spend more cash on transportation to diminish an opportunity to guarantee the conveyance of items to the consumer obviously, other than consistence with new government controls. A factor that has made these organizations to enhance execution is the innovation data, transportation, and logistics arrangements. They have added to the activation of the supply of organizations to empower them to acquire merchandise in a matter of seconds and in addition the privilege of access to clients; likewise, the ideal place at the opportune time alongside it is likely that you will get a deal and conveyance while diminishing expenses and improve its administrations to maintain a strategic distance from postponements and fines. All organizations working here and for worldwide projects with logistics, which incorporates transport and logistics works just on the execution of requests from origin to conveyance of this position to pick up perceivability at home and abroad for the supply chain and in addition bring down expenses and enhance client benefit. That every one of these segments to guarantee the nature of the application must inspect the accompanying potential outcomes: Transportation arranging, transportation obtainment, course arranging, transportation administration, little bundle delivery, and worldwide exchange logistics (infor).

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