Prepare a 300-word memo about your cover letter and résumé assignment and the process you used to complete the tasks. (Formatting help can be found in chapter 9–please do your best to format the memo correctly). Your instructor is the audience for this memo. Your Project Assessment memo should answer the following questions, each of which is tied to the major goals of the assignment:
Writing in Context (4 points)

How did the particular job you applied for affect how you wrote your cover letter? Did it change or affect how you presented yourself?
How did applying for this position help you understand aspects of your experience you might need to develop more?

Project Management (4 points)

What was the most challenging document to produce and why? Briefly describe and explain one of the significant revisions you made to this document after your initial draft.
How well did you plan your work on this project? What might you have done differently?

Research (4 points)

Which research resource proved to be the most beneficial for you? The least? Explain.
What did you learn about the particular job field before composing your cover letter?

Teamwork (4 points)

What was one way that peer feedback helped you improve your work?
How did responding to the work of others help you improve your own work?

Document Design: (4 points)

What is the most effective aspect of your résumé in terms of design?
What would you like to change about your résumé’s design?

You must include identifying information and formatting as described in the rubric. Proofread your discussion post for correct grammar, punctuation, and word choice. I remove 0.5 points for each error found; I don’t deduct more points for seeing the same error more than once.
This assignment is worth 20 points.

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