I could not agree more with your statement that EDI and technology has improved our management of inventory, transport, and warehousing in a supply chain. I think technology such as EDI has improved efficiencies across the entire spectrum and made process such as purchase orders an almost instant transaction. Prior to this technology paper was used and mailed back and forth until all documentation was completed in many cases before movement or transaction were actioned. I also agree that technology in many cases can mitigate errors in data over using paper and data crunching of inventories. Because EDI has enhanced the entire process firms can mitigate errors increase production, effectively use resources, improve communication, and ultimately improve the bottom line of profits and competition in the market.

reply 100 words to student NTI for replying to my post:

The importance and relevance of electronic data interchange in logistics and support systems is a major trend in modern business evolutions. Due to the competitiveness and versatility of global trade, demand and supply, the use of traditional business transactions modes dealing with manual mailing and handling of invoices, requisitions and payment will set any major corporation or organization back. Aside its secure and faster transfer of information, EDI provides relevant information as well as customer reviews as a guide to purchasing and maintaining logistical requirements specific missions. I did also learned that EDI helps deal with safety stock levels needed for operations. How do you EDI can help reduce cost in terms of safety stock level?

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