hesis on the topic the role of women in ancient civilizations. Individual women rise to power was achieved directly or indirectly, for example, through their palace, home, harem

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the role of women in ancient civilizations. Individual women rise to power was achieved directly or indirectly, for example, through their palace, home, harem or convent. Fiona Shaw, a celebrated actress in London, infuses a speech written by Elizabeth I. Additionally, exploration of empress stories Nur Jahan of Mughal, Empress Theodore of Byzantium, and Hildegard of Bingen. Mesopotamia had a twisted law compared to Catalhoyuk were they believed women and men had equal sexes. Men and women lived together and worshipped their fertile goddess. However, Mesopotamia in 2400 BC shows that “If a woman speaks out of turn, then her teeth will be smashed by a brick.” In Greece, the role of women in civilization was paramount when it comes to prostitution or slavery.

Amanda Foreman traces women roles over 10,000 years ago. She notes, “I want to retell the story of civilization with men and women side by side for the first time. “The seemingly two counter-arguments explain the historical linkages between different societies and laws. The countless inequities, for example, right to own portray, divorce and the right to vote are displayed in similar forms, continents, and centuries apart. The experiences gathered around the world tell about different societies’ ways of handling women. The travels to various countries, for example, Athens and Egypt, helped Amanda discover that there was no specific blueprint directed at helping women gain equality as enjoyed by men. Ancient history gave no account of the experiences of women. Issues concerning gender inequality, patriarchy, and civilization were interlinked. Egypt was permissive regarding women, but they were extracted from the public view in Assyria and Athens. The fascinating episodes covered illuminate the examination of the extraordinary women by Amanda in trying to obtain power (Foreman n.p). The inspiration Amanda obtained was based on her observation of the lack of coverage about women in history. Every topic in history tends to sideline women as though they never existed yet they were directly involved or indirectly involved in shaping history. The purist to highlight the ancient struggles to the classical world is to define the extent women helped during the ancient civilization. It is imperative to note Amanda’s tracking techniques on the traditional history that was ignored and the need to illuminate the women who were silenced and seek to define the role of women during the ancient civilization (Fullman 30).

The research conducted By Dr Amanda Foreman was extensive. Amanda revealed much when she read about the civil war. She found diaries and accounts by those who were present. There were exceptionally a lot of rape cases. The notion that there was none was misguided by the lack of agencies that received such complaints. It would be absurd to record that soldiers conducted themselves exemplary yet they performed the heinous act of raping women during war anyhow (Bush n.p). The revelations point’s woman as subjects of sexual abuse as their place in society was out of the picture in a male-dominated society. The male historians probably did not bother to highlight the women predicaments or were silenced not to cover the experiences of the women. The southern women were highly disadvantaged as they did not have any authority to report the atrocities experienced. Women role were not appreciated as men took the credit during the ancient civilization (Foreman n.p).&nbsp.

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