The final paper requires students to research and describe a computer application, technology, equipment or device used for the health care functions described during the course. The description must demonstrate the student’s ability to use the terminology and concepts described during this course. The paper must address four specific topics and the areas described for each topic. The final paper should be submitted as a MS Word file and uploaded to Canvas.The following are the four topics for the final paper. For each topic you must address one of the functions under that topic.
Health care administration/management
• Describe a software application related to one of the following managerial functions:
o financial management,
o billing,
o coding,
o human resources,
o planning,
o inventory management,
o facilities management
o Practice management.
Clinical care and Health care delivery
• Describe a software application, computerized equipment or device used for direct care in one of the following areas
o medical or dental care,
o surgery,
o rehabilitation device
o therapy
o diagnosis
o screening
Public Health, Epidemiology or Research
• Describe a software application or computer technology used for one of the following
o patient education and support
o public health
o epidemiology
o research
Higher Education or Professional Education
o Describe a software application or computer technology that is used for one of the following
 Higher education in medicine, nursing or other healing professions
 Professional development of health care professionals
The paper should include each of these section headings (in bold) and address all areas under that heading. The paper must conform to the requirement for an APA 6th edition standards including citations and not have grammar or spelling errors. . The following are the sections for the paper.
Health Care Administration and Management
• Description of an administrative or managerial application or technology that includes
1. Major contributors (individuals, social conditions, research) to the development of this application
2. Discussion of the purpose of this technology and how it is used
3. Description of the current or potential impact of this application on health care delivery (the impact on clinical outcomes, cost efficiency, productivity, etc.).
4. This section requires a minimum of 1 citation from peer-reviewed journals or texts – the textbook can only be used for 1 citation in the entire paper)

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