Hand Soap Manufacturing.

Provide a 14 pages analysis while answering the following question: Hand Soap Manufacturing. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Hand soaps are manufactured from oils or fats. They can also be made from the fatty acids that undergo reactions with the water-soluble bases which are inorganic. The principal sources of fats include. beef or mutton tallow. Likewise, the main sources of oils include. coconut or palm kernel substances (Wansbrough, 2013). These raw materials are usually subjected to pretreatment so as to eliminate impurities, and realize the desired color and odor. plus the performance features required in the finished products. The chemical processes in the production of soap are discussed in this research paper in further detail (Wansbrough, 2013).

Effective hand soap production entails the use of adequate energy. The production plants utilize both thermal and electrical energy in the production process. All the production units are equipped with steam generation broilers. The electrical energy is mostly utilized in operating the refrigeration, lighting, drives, and compressed air generation. The thermal energy is mostly used for the production of steam from the broilers. Electric energy is supplied through the national grid system. the production units also have diesel generators that supplement electrical power in case of power failure (Simmons & Appleton, 2007). Because hand soap production is an energy-intensive industry, there is a need to ensure energy efficiency, so as to reduce energy costs. The best way to achieve this energy efficiency goal is to implement appropriate energy management system in the hand soap manufacturing plant. This system entails a program that ensures continuous improvement in the energy efficiency process. For the system to be effective, the management of the production plant and the staff must be adequately trained in how it works. The commitment of all stakeholders towards energy efficiency also ensures success of the energy management&nbsp.system (Garzena and Marina, 2004).

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