government regulations and policies in the united states.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic government regulations and policies in the united states. Scientific experts opine that kids who experience serious sexual misuse are likely to demonstrate action irregularities, such as posttraumatic stress problems. In addition, research indicates that affected individuals of child sexual abuse are extremely susceptible to other types of problems and life issues. In response to this problem, the social welfare policy will protect children from all forms of abuse, and more specifically from sexual exploitation and abuse (Barth et al., 2010).

The policy is aimed at ensuring social welfare development and growth of the children by addressing the following issues: Promoting safe and stable families, strengthening abuse and neglect courts, adoption and safe families, family preservation and family support services, adoption assistance and child welfare, family replacement and maintenance, preventive services, and child abuse/neglect reporting.

Various global bodies, the government administration, community interest categories and communities, consider it as a prospective community problem. However, some unlawful company tycoons privately encourage kid prostitution and kid sex travel and leisure, as these areas have the prospective to produce a lot of cash. Although government authorities and the community view child sex-related abuse as a serious criminal activity, sex workers maintain that actions like child prostitution and pornography go contrary to children’s rights. Ultimately, hardship and poor financial background are the underlying causes of this social problem. Lack of adult care is another prospective reason for the increased rate of kid sex-related misuse in the United States. In the present world, parents have little time to look after their kids and therefore, they leave their kids at childcare facilities or family members. Reviews indicate that kids aged between 1and18, are the vulnerable team. It is also observed that intimately abused kids, mainly fit in with struggling classes of the community (Bruce, 2001).

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