California State University Google Inc Questions
Questions about Google INC
– The 10-K. Focus on items 1 Business (Strengths/Opportunities), 1A Risk Factors (Weaknesses/Threats) and 7 Managements Discussion and Analysis of Operational and Financial Perforance(Operations and Financial Statement Explanation) . These will provide an in-depth description of strategy as well as operational and financial performance from the fiscal year end compared to previous year. Also, check out recent 10-Q’s or quarterly filings. Read item 2 for a snapshot of where the company is at the moment operationally and financially. Finally, check out 8-K’s for recent material events that effect the company’s execution of strategy, operations and financial/stock performance.
– If there are any recent 8K’s filed, check these out! An 8K is filed when something materially affects the value of the equity/business. These can provide information about expansion plans, sales targets, risk factors and more.
– Get a company profile and a global industry report along with cutting edge news and analysts trend reports from Market Line (attached)
•Useful sections:
oCompany Report: Company History, SWOT Analysis, Management Statement
oIndustry Survey: Porter’s 5 Forces, Revenue, Economic Indicators
Get a strategic industry survey to understand your company’s domestic business from IBIS World: (ATTACHED)
•Useful sections: Industry Outlook, Competitive Landscape and Operating Conditions
Note 2:
–Read the latest annual report, with attention to the letter to shareholders from CEO and to management’s report on performance.
–Begin your analysis (the annual report) by reading the CEO’s address to the shareholders.
Use in your research along with the attachments
Answer the following:
1.Is this a socially responsible company? What examples can you provide that demonstrate the importance of ethics in their corporate culture?
2.What is the management structure? Who are the important players? Their respective roles? How are specific individuals ties to the company’s success? What is unique about their management structure? What are the problems in their management structure?
3.What are the core strengths of this company? How do they retain their competitiveness?
4.What other lines of business does this company have? How important are they to their overall success? What impact do they have on their bottom line?
5.How much market-share does this company have? What is the trend?
6.What is the company’s current strategy? To retain customers/market-share? Do gain new ones? What should it be?
7.What can you say in terms of this company’s financial performance? What are it’s financial strengths? Weaknesses?
8.What significant Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, or Threats does this company face? What are they doing to mitigate Weaknesses or Threats? Capitalize upon Strengths or Opportunities?
9.What barriers to entry exist in this company’s industry? How weak or strong are they?
10.Can this company’s products be easily replaced?
11.Do suppliers to this company have strong bargaining power or not? How does this impact the company’s success? Strategic decisions?
12.What are the company’s current sales figures? Trends?
13.In which markets is your company most successful? Least successful? Why?
14.What new products does this company have? Need? Does this company spend enough on R&D I order to support changing customer needs/tastes? What is that investment like? The trend?
15.Is this an efficient company? What are the trends in terms of efficiency?
16.Is this company managed effectively? The trend?
17.Is this a solvent company? The trend?
18.Would you buy stock in this company? Why or why not?
19.What are your strategic recommendations for this company? What should they do in the future to gain amore competitive edge?
20.What international markets is this company in? Where are they succeeding? Why? Where are they struggling? Why?
21.Who are the key rivals for this company? Direct competitors? Indirect competitors? How much market-share are they capable of taking?
23.Porter Forces
24.What is the company planning to do?

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