Golden Venture Documentary Film Analysis

After watching the documentary film, “Golden Venture,” write a 1 page movie review (in a Word document). In the first paragraph give a brief summary of the film – tell what it was about. In the second-third paragraphs, use the Golden Venture Documentary Film questions to evaluate the film. The link for this handout is downloaded below.

Think about the following: Did you like or dislike the film? Why? Did you learn anything new? What impressed you most? Did the story change your ideas about immigrants and immigration? How? Consider the organization, presentation style, “actors,” photography, etc. Was it effective – did it achieve its purpose?

This assignment is an informal writing assignment so it does not need a cover page, but it should be double spaced, TNR 12, and needs to be printed from a Word document and handed in.

Do not try to use a summary or movie review from online!

Golden Venture Documentary Film Analysis.docx


If you missed all or part of this film, you will need to check it out at the UVU library and view it. You will not be able to do this assignment without seeing the movie.

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