Global Warming in Wall-E

Global Warming in Wall-E

The earth’s future is in a superior danger. Environmental issues could end life on Earth. People need to be aware of their inappropriate behaviors that are damaging and destroying the environment, therefore, they should have an image of the earth’s future if they continued their behaviors. Science and economic development are effecting the environment. The movie Wall-E is a great animated science fiction film, and it is also an entertaining movie. This movie is not just an animated children’s movie, because it demonstrates some serious issues that the earth may face in the future. It has given a horrible pictures of Earth’s look in the future because of the global warming. The author of the Disney movie Wall-E, Andrew Stanton represents effectively through pathos and logos global warming as Earth’s major future issue that should be addressed and avoided, because of air pollution, economic activities, and weather changes.

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One of the aspects of global warming presented in Wall-E is the conditions of the atmosphere, which is air pollution. The author, Andrew Stanton demonstrates air pollution as a condition that the world environs have suspended particles in the atmosphere, and this has been referred by the industrial and vehicular emissions, and the emissions from poor use of the primary sources of fuel. Trees are cut down to produce charcoal fuel cause environmental pollution in the air. In addition, Wall-Eclaims that the entrepreneurial nature of the world’s economies is the cause of air pollution, which is a major contributor to global warming. Therefore, the author discusses global warming in the movie because it should be globally avoided to have a better-green world (Robin and Heumann, 5).

Moreover, the cause of global warming is understood to be composed of an array of pollutants from the economic activities. The movie shows that the efforts to get the world economically developed have led to the traces of global warming in the world today. “The world’s population is increasing and most people are striving towards decent housing, consumerism and aesthetics. All these require the exploitation of resources within the natural systems. The more modern the people get the more pollution and other harms they cause to the natural ecosystem” (Robin and Heumann, 13). There were a lot of huge rubbles of trash, and people were not taking care about their consumption methods and recycling their wastes, so there were consumption problems on Earth. The continuity of economic development without being mindful of the natural environment will cause a lot of harms in the world’s environments. The world’s population is continuously exploding beyond the carrying capacities of given environmental settings. Logically, modernism has characterized the motive of the people within the concepts of development and this has increased the pollution in the environments. The world’s developing regions or countries have focused on economic advancement without looking at the consequences of these activities that deplete the resources. As they rush to improve the status of their countries, the contamination of the world to include air pollution amplifies and this will cause a real unstoppable problem, so it is addressed in the movie to be avoided in the future (Gillespie, 12).


Effectively, Wall-E has pictured the Earth’s atmosphere which was very hot, dry and dusty, so there were a lot of sand storms occurring daily. Global warming will cause weather changes. According to Robin and Heumann, “industrial and vehicular emissions increase the quantities of carbon particles in the earth’s atmosphere and this goes beyond the absorbable limits through natural means. The natural systems have a natural flexibility to control the pollution and their effects but the surging contamination caused by anthropogenic activities impairs the ability to control pollution” (Robin and Heumann, 31). Thus, luxurious living causes more pollution on these ecosystems increases the carbon, which reacts with ozone layer and there by forming thick cover in the atmosphere, so it prevents the radiations of ultraviolet rays of the sun from escaping the earth’s surface. Therefore, the earth’s atmosphere would completely change to be hot and dry (Robin and Heumann, 31).

To get the audience more emotional about the danger of global warming, the author presents that people have abandoned Earth and go to outer space because the life’s conditions on Earth were unlivable in the movie. There is no humanity and no other form of life on Earth. After many years of living inside a spaceship, the author shows that some people were very happy to come back to Earth and start new age of life on Earth. The effects of global warming are very severe in the world’s ecosystems and these will include increased temperatures on the surface of the earth, changes in climatic pattern, scorching effect of the sun, erratic rains which fall onto bare surfaces due to loss of vegetation. The erratic rain patterns will lead to low agriculture due to high temperatures and climate changes which are major determinants in crop and animal produce.  The alteration in the rainfall pattern will cause loss to agricultural produce and therefore poor living conditions as the people will not be in a position to acquire nutritious foods. This will also low economic incomes as people will not be committed to economic development activities but rather to pay concern to poor living and health standards of the people. This will make people to be more careful and afraid about their future because there is no place to live at besides Earth (Parry, 41-42).

Global warming is an environmental issue that might end the life on Earth, therefore, Wall-E has addressed the issue to make people aware of their destiny if they would not have avoided global warming, so they can choose their destiny by their behaviors .The author of the movie Wall-E, Andrew Stanton has written an animated and entertaining movie that has a serious message about Earth’s future with global warming. The movie represents effectively through emotional and logical appeal global warming as Earth’s main future concern that should be addressed and avoided, because of air pollution, economic activities, and weather changes. The author was successful in demonstrating the concept of world’s economic developments is causing air pollution which is a main factor to global warming. He brilliantly shows how the weather changes to become hot, dry and dusty because the carbon dioxide’s emissions of industrial factories and vehicles increase the quantities of carbon particles in the earth’s atmosphere, and huge rubbles of trash on Earth. The author gets the audience connected more emotional with the movie when he presents the idea that people should leave Earth to continue living because the conditions on Earth were unlivable. The deadly issues of global warming could be avoided to have a better future by embarking sustainable economic development, recycling, educating, using alternative powers, and using economical cars.



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