Gentrification Discussion Post During this week, we have learned about the histo

Gentrification Discussion Post
During this week, we have learned about the historical and contemporary relationship between race, housing, and policing. Therefore, the following discussion board will consists of two parts. In at least 300 words, please complete and answer the following tasks and questions:
Please review Richmond University’s website “Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America” (Please see the Read/Review section for link). Please choose a redlining map of a city or town of your choice. From this map, choose a “red zone” and a “green/blue” zone and describe how the surveyor’s “clarifying notes” illustrates how race played an important role in housing exclusion. Make sure to provide the name of the city and area descriptions (example: D4, B1) in your analysis.
Find and highlight an example of what you believe is gentrification in the San Joaquin Valley or in California more broadly. Describe how your example is connected to the past, current, or future displacement of working class communities. Feel free to provide examples specific to your local community and make sure to please provide photos, links, and locations of your case study.
Find and highlight a community organization or non-profit organization in the San Joaquin Valley or in California that is working against gentrification (Or a similar issue). Name the organization, explain their mission, and describe what methods they are using to fight against gentrification and/or displacement. If you were apart of this organization, then how would you work towards fighting against gentrification and/or ensuring that redevelopment occurs without the displacement of working class communities? What ideas would you propose?

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