Gender roles directly affect the ______ of abnormal behaviors.

Gender roles
directly affect the ______ of abnormal behaviors.

A) expression

B) cause

C) severity

D) chronicity

66) The social
learning model of behavioral acquisition proposes that

A) only
behaviors in a social context are reinforced.

B) punishment
is only effective in producing learning in humans.

C) a
person does not actually have to do the behavior to learn it.

D) humans
are motivated more by primary reinforcers than secondary reinforcers.

67) Which of the
following statements about women and abnormal behavior within a sociocultural
context is TRUE?

A) Biological factors affect rates of mental
illness for women around the world regardless of contextual factors.

B) Socioeconomic status is unrelated to rates of
mental illness for women.

C) Some contextual factors place women at higher
risk for psychological disorders.

D) Gender role expectations do not influence the
development of abnormal behaviors.

68) Familismo, a
concept common in Latino culture is defined as:

A) pathological
relationships between family members.

B) cold,
distance patterns of communication between family members.

C) the
centrality of, and obligation to, family over self and peers.

D) traditional
family roles where the men hold more power than women.

69) Latino youths
born in the U.S.
are ________ as likely to attempt suicide as foreign-born Latino youths.

A) two

B) three

C) four

D) five

70) Which of the
following is a value emphasized by mainstream U.S. teen culture?

A) Collectivism

B) Familism

C) Peer relationships

D) Close living proximity to family

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