Fundamentals of Supervision

Fundamentals of Supervision

The supervisor that I chose to interview works for Wal-Mart, and he has various roles as a supervisor at the company. At Wal-Mart, the supervisor is responsible for taking care of certain administrative functions, enforcing the company’s regulations, supervising employees, and promoting customer service. At times, the supervisor can be responsible for delegating work duties and scheduling employees, among others. The supervisor that I interviewed used the democratic leadership style. It means that they prefer to conduct their work in a democratic manner. The supervisor will delegate work to the employees, and each one is expected to perform accordingly. Furthermore, the use of this leadership ensures that the employees can provide their intake regarding any issues that they might have. The leadership style is beneficial since it ensures that everyone that the supervisor is in charge of has a say in certain issues. In turn, this ensures that the working conditions at the Wal-Mart store have positive outcomes.

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The supervisor claims that he does not make use of team projects quite often since the nature of the work does not accommodate it. However, in some rare situations, it is possible to ensure that the teams’ work in various projects. For example, during staff meetings, the supervisor sometimes puts the employees in teams consisting of four members each. The various teams will have to come up with ideas that will be helpful in attracting more customers to the store. Team projects are quite beneficial, especially if they ensure that all the employees that are involved benefit (Glickman & Gordon, 2009).

There are also extrinsic and intrinsic rewards that employees receive depending on their performance. The supervisor came up with his method of rewarding the employees based on his experience while working at Wal-Mart for the past twenty years. The employees prefer being given rewards that have practical value (Glickman & Gordon, 2009). For example, employees who work hard will receive extra days off from the shift, and even receive gift cards to make purchases. At times, the best-performing employee will receive one hundred dollars contributed by all the employees working at the store. In addition, an employee can receive rewards in the form of recognition such as when their photo is hanged on a frame with the caption, ‘employee of the month’. Lastly, the supervisor will sometimes congratulate the employee and encourage them to continue working hard.

It is quite fortunate that only a few ethical issues exist at the workplace, and they have to be dealt with accordingly. For example, the most common ethical issues arise between the customer and the store attendant. At times, a customer might ask about how certain products were manufactured. Such a customer usually wants to know if ethical procedures were followed when coming up with products. It is evident that most people who buy some products want to know such questions such as if the products were tested on animals (Glickman & Gordon, 2009). Furthermore, this customer might want to know if animals were tortured when making the products. It means that the customer demands to obtain answers, and the attendant should provide the right answers. It is thus vital to find ways of dealing with such ethical issues because if they are not addressed well, problems will occur. The Wal-Mart supervisor will then ensure that the store attendant receives training on how to handle such situations. In addition, if the store attendant cannot handle the situation, the store supervisor steps in to try to solve the ethical issue.

Motivating employees is an important issue, which is of great concern to the Wal-Mart supervisor. When employees are motivated, they will easily achieve their personal and professional goals. Furthermore, a motivated employee will provide excellent services to the customer, and this will enhance the great image of Wal-Mart (Glickman & Gordon, 2009). Therefore, the supervisor ensures that his staff is always motivated regardless of what job they are doing at the store. He has come up with a personalized style of motivating his staff members. Firstly, the supervisor uses the reward system to ensure that employees know about what they will receive depending on the effort they put in their work. Secondly, the supervisor has team building sessions that take place quite often. It gives employees time to bond with each other and encourage each other concerning the job. Thirdly, the other motivation technique is always reassuring the employees that various opportunities exist for them depending on the quality of their work. Therefore, motivation is an important task that every supervisor should have knowledge about.

In conclusion, a supervisor should have effective leadership and motivation styles that will affect the other employees in a positive manner. The leader should prove that they have the needed capabilities to guide others in the right way. The interview with the Wal-Mart supervisor has proven that only the best-performing individuals can be given the supervisory title. Therefore, successful leaders need to have particular qualities that set them apart from others.

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 Handling Unanticipated Problems

Based on the Supervisory Interview from Part 1, Part 2 of the project will allow you incorporate course concepts into an analysis of the supervisory strengths and weaknesses of your chosen supervisor reading and course concepts, write a paper noting your recommendations (identifying areas of improvement and highlighting areas of success) for the supervisor. Please provide your analysis based on:

Team building

Situational style of interaction Influencing

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Submission Requirements:

Typed, double spaced with 1 inch margins all around (essay)

Font: Arial, 12 point

2 1⁄2 to 3 pages in length, not including the reference page

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