Explain why the option you recommend is the best option for them

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To create a written recommendation on a savings plan.

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You are a financial advisor who has been asked to recommend a savings plan for a client.


A client who is interested in saving money that will not be accessed for 10 years.


You work as a financial advisor and must make recommendations to a client regarding where he/she should save. This will be money that he/she will not have access to for at least ten years. You will need to do the following for your client:

  1. Explain all types of savings accounts
  2. Recommend the best option: Money market account or CD
  3. Explain why the option you recommend is the best option for them

Product and Performance

Exhibition: Write a three paragraph essay that explains the recommended savings plans. The paragraphs should be organized, using the bulleted items listed above as the content of each paragraph. Refer to class notes, blogs, lesson presentations, and readings.


Create a client scenario that would illustrate someone who would use one of the other savings plan choices and explain why they would use this type of savings plan.

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