This paper highlights the factor of tension—the existence of two quite different ways of making sense of a text. You will need to summarize those different ways of interpreting the text and then explain in detail how the second way extends or complicates the first. Recognizing more than one interpretation is a crucial skill for different kinds of academic assignments you will be asked to write in other courses.The essay will begin with an introduction that introduces the readers to the idea of two or multiple interpretations of a visual text. The introduction will also provide a concise summary of the source you will be analyzing. Your summary should not exceed one paragraph. The summary should be followed by a paragraph in which you explain the common interpretation of your source. This is done to make your surprising interpretation more surprising. The last paragraph in this introductory section should include a thesis statement that follows the surprising-reversal pattern. The body of your paper will consist of the deeper analysis of your source. Each body paragraph should focus on one topic/idea that supports your new and surprising interpretation. The essay will conclude with a summary and/or a discussion of the implication for the readers.

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