Address the following using the country: Venezuela

Rules: Address the points below in essay format. Use the Headings for each section listed under each point (see below, Environment etc). You may use sub-headings if needed. Your assignment should be 8-10 pages double spaced (not counting title, reference pages or appendix). Use proper grammar and spell check your paper.  Use Times New Roman 12 point font, 1” margins all around.  This is an individual assignment. Plagiarism is against University policy; do not copy and paste from sources. You may use graphs and pictures if they help to explain your point.

Grading: You will not be graded on whether I think your plan is successful in real life. Instead, I will grade on your correct application of text book material, chapter concepts, terminology and definitions, your logical reasoning for your steps, and the depth of your analysis.
Case: Kaiser Coffee is a small coffee roasting business in the heart of Mississippi. Kaiser’s main products can be seen below – packaged coffee in three flavors; Ethiopian, Guatemala, El Salvadorian sold in small specialty markets and grocery stores. In the US the coffee is positioned toward coffee lovers and positioned as slightly upscale. MSRP is $13/ pound, similar similar to Starbucks coffee in the US.
Kaiser is selling coffee to neighboring states and is currently “flying under radar” of large coffee companies in the US. Any further expansion in the US would change Kaiser’s image as the “underdog” and draw competitive attention from large producers. Therefore, with excess roasting and packaging capacity Kaiser is exploring international opportunities but is unsure how to pursue this expansion. As an avid traveler to your favorite country, you are in the position to offer advice to Kaiser. What is it? Follow the following format and be thorough in answering questions.

Environment: Describe the marketing environment Kaiser would face in the country! This includes the consumers, competitors as well as economic, legal, and cultural forces. If unsure which elements to include look at your text book model? Be thorough and relevant! Integrate findings from your previous assignment and offer additional statistics especially underlining the economic circumstances.   (20 Points)
Cultural Influences: Name cultural influences affecting Kaiser’s expansion plans for your country. You may want to define culture first to have guidance. Then address details of What, Where, When, How of coffee consumption. Be thorough. this will feed into your segmentation analysis. (20 points)
Research Methods: What type of research are you currently conducting (primary vs. secondary) and explain each and advantages and disadvantages for both Hint: there is only one type you can do from your desk!!! (10 points)
Entry Mode Selection: What method of entry would you suggest to Kaiser? Why? How would you describe this method in terms of control and risk over the marketing mix! Make sure you understand your method before you write. The method should be fairly transparent from the case scenario. (20 points)
Market Segmentation: This section heavily depends on your findings in 2. Describe the STP process! How can the coffee market in your country of choice be segmented? Define and describe a number of segments before you name the segment(s) you target. After that, describe your target market in your country and give a logical explanation for selecting this target market. Describing your market by using age only would appear insufficient, so you must go deeper.  Should Kaiser maintain its slightly exclusive positioning it has in the US in your country or shift the position? Explain the meaning of positioning and then offer a rationale. (20 points)
Conclusion: Conclude your analysis! What would you recommend to Kaiser! (5 Points)
References: use proper references in APA style. Include at least 5 references from reputable and reliable sources. (5 points). I.e. Pasting a web link will not count. Only 1 (n.d.) reference.

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