Explain how the problem/disruption affected the company’s operations.

Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment, read the assigned chapters in your textbook and all assigned articles for this week.
Research shows that in the year 2015 alone, 40% of supply chain managers have experienced some sort of supply chain disruption due to operational, industrial, technological, and inventory management issues. Using your own experience in the workplace and/or information presented in the assigned readings, select a company that experienced a supply chain disruption that negatively affected the company’s operations in recent years.

In your post, identify the company you chose, explain what they do, and describe the disruption they experienced in their supply chain and the negative effects it had on the company’s overall business performance. Your post must be a minimum of 250 words.

Now imagine you are a logistics manager at your selected company and you have just received an email from the CEO asking you to come to his office first thing in the morning and give a one-minute pitch on what went wrong and how you would solve the problem(s). Your one-minute pitch to the CEO must include the following:

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State the problem/disruption that occurred.
Explain how the problem/disruption affected the company’s operations.
Describe the cause(s) of the problem.
Explain how the company can fix the problem by applying logistics principles to strengthen the organization’s competitive advantage in the global marketplace.
Describe how the problem/disruption can be prevented from reoccurring in the future.

Write a script of your pitch, and practice delivering it to ensure it is no longer than one-minute in duration. Once you think you have it right, use your smart phone, any free online recording service, or app, and make a recording of yourself delivering your pitch to the CEO so you can hear how it sounds. When you are satisfied with your recorded pitch, upload the saved audio file to the discussion forum.
Additional Guidance
This is a unique assignment because it gives us the opportunity to hear you present your solution.
It is a best practice to record your presentation more than once, so you take advantage of the learning curve associated with a process you may not normally complete.  Post the best recording you make so the CEO has the best you have to offer.
Be cognizant of the way you present your pitch as well as the content of your solution.
Note that this question has two parts: your solution (audio presentation) and your written response to the student (on behalf of the CEO).  Rather than ask you questions about your initial presentation, I will focus on your response to your peer (on behalf of the CEO).
As always, respond to my questions to increase your grade.  To earn a distinguished participation rating, you do not need to present multiple responses (on behalf of the CEO), but you can provide additional support for the student response to the problem (audio), or the student response on behalf of the CEO.
If you have questions, be sure to contact me via private message (conversation) for assistan

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