Refer Marketing Strategies book chapter 14 , Phil Kotler Edition 14


Add 3/4 References

Q1. Explain how pricing is related to psychology, describing how at least three pricing practices that appeal to customers on a psychological level. Provide specific real world examples to explain.

Q2. Explain how the typical process for reaching an acceptable price in the business-to-business market differs from the process for reaching a price for most consumer products.

Q3. Airbus and Boeing subsidies. The U.S. and European Union have had a long-running dispute over allegations of improper government subsidies to commercial aircraft manufacturers (the U.S. about Airbus and the EU about Boeing). Government subsidies may give the manufacturer a price advantage over its competition. Both sides filed complaints with the World Trade Organization. Go to the Web site of the WTO ( and write a one-page report (single spaced) outlining (a) the trade dispute and (b) its current status.

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