explain each component of our peer analysis.

response to the following post 200 words 2 references apa format

Such a touchy, current topic as we have seen recently     in U.S. media.  Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, and even our own     President Trump (though his allegations were not on the scale of     Bill Cosby & Matt Lauer) have been accused of sexual     harassment.  So, HR professionals really have their “hands     full” dealing with such cases & I definitely have a new     respect for their work!
Denise, I admire your fortitude, diligent research, and     insights on this crucial topic!  As instructed in the task     assignment, I will do my best to explain each component of our peer analysis.
What         Was Done Well:
Denise,       you have “nailed your case” with proven facts cited in       your statements.  Your case study presented repercussions       Elora Jean & Company could face “looking the other       way” instead of quickly documenting the reports of these       female employees.  Your EEOC source substantiates your       reasons Elora Jean & Company can no longer continue refraining       from implementing policies that can legally protect their       organization from such serious charges and offenses.
Areas         of Weakness
Denise,       what are your thoughts of “specific” policies that you       would like to see enacted at Elora Jean & Co.?  I       understand that you recommend a zero tolerance of harassment, but       how can that statement be broken down precisely so that the       employees could comprehend the expectations of the company?        In other words, would a first offense be automatic termination?
Areas         of Improvement?
Denise,       Dr. Ballard mentioned in her lecture (Live Chat # 4) that there       are organizations that actually list their harassment policies       online.  I thought that was absolutely an excellent resource       that Dr. Ballard recommended.  She also said that our current       (or past) employer probably has their policy in the Employee       Handbook that could also serve as a guide.  Not that we would       copy any written policies from another firm as our own.        However, it would provide a map in creating suggestions for Elora       Jean & Company.  Denise, this is the only comment that I       can make regarding improvment.  The assignment required an       outline, but you went beyond that and constructed a memo!        Way to go, Denise!  You are so close to finishing this course!
I wish you well, Denise!  Thank you for all of       your effort in being a great colleague who takes pride in your work!
Sincerely       your colleague,

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