Examine the peer review process and confidentiality issues involved 

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Unit outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment:

Discuss the role of the hospital governing body
Examine the peer review process and confidentiality issues involved
Discuss due process and how it relates to an individual’s constitutional rights

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Course outcome(s) assessed/addressed in this Assignment:
HA525-1: Illustrate legal principles and laws that affect professional and administrative decisions found in health care services.
HA525-2: Analyze conflict between cost, access, and quality of care as it relates to legal parameters.
HA525-3: Evaluate inherent limitations to the delivery of health care due to legal mandates.
You are the compliance manager of a medium sized hospital in a suburban neighborhood. Your facility is a medical surgical facility providing care for the community. Your facility has hospitalists employed and grants privileges to physicians in the community.
Using MS PowerPoint as a presentation tool, prepare an informational report about the case from the following article available within the Library. Search for the title of this article using the library search tool.
Roberts, R. (2003). Seven reasons family doctors get sued and how to reduce your risk. Family Practice Management. 10(3), 29–34.

Choose one reason “doctors get sued” from the article above and let this be the basis of your presentation.
Add speaker notes to your presentation discussing how your theme choice impacts physician decision-making in creating a patient healthcare plan.

In other words, explain how physician liability concerns relate to your topic choice.
As you explain these concerns, include how the regulatory environment in which providers operate at times can hinder the ability for a provider to do what is necessary for patients. Provide an example or scenario illustrating these limitations.

Further, address the cost to the facility in addressing such concerns.
Lastly, provide solutions to your chosen reason for being sued.

Your presentation should include, but is not limited to, the following:

A minimum of 20 slides including a title page and reference page(s).The title slide should include the title, your name, and the date you are submitting the presentation.
b.   Use Chapter 3 on negligence to support the information in your presentation.
References should be APA style. (For help with this, go to the Writing Center)
Include detailed information in the notes section. This will not appear on the slide in order to prevent crowding of information on the slide.
Refer to the Technology Tips found in the Writing Center. You will find tips regarding creating effective PowerPoint presentations.

Please be sure to download the file “Writing Center Resources” from Course Resources to assist you with meeting APA expectations for assignments.

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