Ethics Case Report

All the articles I have upload, you should read all the articles and follow the requirements. I also upload the grade rubic. ( 5 pages ,double space)

Your final project is an Ethics Case Report. It is assigned the first day of class and due the last day of class because it is designed to be cumulative for the whole course, covering all lectures, readings, slides, Ethics MiniModules, Canvas information, documentaries, debates, etc.
For your final project, you will select a modern day, corporate or organizational ethical issue and prepare it as a case for study by future business leaders and students to learn from. Spend the first few weeks of this course identifying what you want to write about and gathering research for the facts of the case. As long as it presents at least one ethical issue in regards to an organization, it will be suitable for analysis – if you have any doubts, come see me. I suggest that you pick an incident or a pattern and practice that means something to you in your chosen field of study or in an area of your interest.
Essentially, you are writing up the facts of the case situation, doing the analysis, and offering solutions to avoid similar cases in the future. Like you did in your mini-case analysis, you will identify stakeholders involved and explain what their interests are. Like you did in the full case analyses, you will identify ethical issues and explain how these are linked to ethical frameworks (like utilitarianism or deontology) in how they should be solved. As with your debate and your individual white paper, you will be asked to advocate on behalf of a position – your presented solution for such issues should they arise in the future. You will need to do your own research on the relevant facts, citing your sources in any coherent, consistent format. You may use visuals in the form of attached slides or embed them throughout your Report.
The rubric for the Final Project Ethics Case Report is attached to the syllabus. You should start working on this from our first week of classes. You can add to it as you learn more and more. You may work alone or in a group of two. See me if you want to work in a group of three – if the project depth supports work for three, I will make an exception and allow a group of three. Groups of four will not be approved.

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