Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The purpose of this assignment is we need to start a firm by collaborating with few people  and then investigate the company on some parameters.

My company name is “A Wedding Story” a service or event based industry.
The company will plan and arrange the wedding related activities.

Analyze the below questions and answer them appropriately using the text book

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—Charles W. L. Hill and Gareth R. Jones. Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach, Theory and Cases( 2015) 12th edition
—Sources from internet

·      The organizational structure of the company and its governance. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

·      The strategic leadership of the company

·      The competitive advantage of the company and how the company takes advantage of its competitive    advantage in the marketplace

·      The financial viability and growth of the company

·      How the company formulate and implement strategy at the functional, business and global level

·      How the company’s strategic planning relates to domestic and global expansion and growth

·      How the company use technology to perform and advance competitive advantage

·      How the company sees its own environment in its own business and industry

·      How the company’s corporate level strategy relates to horizontal and vertical integration

·      How Michael Porter’s model applies (or could apply) to the company

·      What SWOT analysis can tell us about the company

·      How the company market its product and compete in the market place

·      How the company develops competitive advantage and compete effectively across industries and countries

·      How the company can enhance and sustain competitive advantage in the global marketplace

·      Key opportunities for Shared Value strategies

The paper should be 10 – 12 pages, APA format, all references appropriately cited.

Minimum of 20 slides of power point presentation is also needed using the paper you have created.
One slide for each above question is minimum needed.

Note this must be original work

For your reference I am uploading a 100% exact work on existing company EBAY.
One can take it as reference.

Remember we cannot use this paper, because in this assignment it was asked to analyze the above points on a newly established firm whereas the reference document is on existing firm EBAY

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