Enterprise Architecture and the Foundation for Execution.

I will pay for the following article Enterprise Architecture and the Foundation for Execution. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. To manage the complexity with which the utilization of information technology integrates with business activities, a distinct and holistic approach is required. This engineering slant is known as Enterprise Architecture and views Information Technology from a business viewpoint (Luna-Reyes et al., 2012). It can be defined as the behavioural and structural component making up the complete information system for business and the relationships existing between them. This framework provides the guidelines for effectively strategizing the IT roles in an enterprise in a manner that facilitates the delivery of business objectives at a more cost-effective method.

Enterprise architecture comprises individuals, processes, information, and the technology components available in an enterprise together with the associations existing between each of the components and to the external business environment. From this approach, it is, therefore, clear that an enterprise comprises of a “system of systems” in which varied principles of engineering are applied to ensure continued participation and business growth (Luna-Reyes et al., 2012). The diagram below illustrates an architecture process framework for business IT infrastructure.

Foundation for execution defines the information technology infrastructure and the processes involved in digitizing the core roles of a business enterprise (Ross et al., 2006). This involves the use of Information technology and business processes together with proper governance in a manner that supports the strategic objectives of the company. To achieve a good foundation for execution, proper business-IT alignment is fundamental (Ross et al., 2006). It involves the alignment of business strategies.

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In the case of Adopt-A-Farm, the foundation for execution can be said not to have attained its level best. Adopt a farm is an American corporation focusing on raising awareness to local farmers, soliciting volunteers who will help farmers to harvest their yields and also purchasers of their farm products.

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