contagion is the automatic mimicry and synchronization of expression,
vocalizations, postures, and

A) values
of another.

B) fantasies
of another.

C) word
patterns of another.

D) movements
of another.

29) Our modern use
of the word “bedlam,” denoting a chaotic situation, is historically rooted in
which of the following practices?

A) Allowing
hysterics to act out their beliefs.

B) Warehousing
of mentally ill persons.

C) Allowing
witch hunters to convict and hang witches.

D) Warehousing
entire families believed to be mentally ill.

30) The first
physician to adopt a form of occupational therapy for patients was

A) Pinel.

B) Paracelsus.

C) Dix.

D) Hippocrates.

31) William Tuke,
a contemporary of Philippe Pinel, proposed that patients live, work, and relax
in a compassionate and religious environment. This philosophy was the
foundation for

A) community

B) moral

C) voluntary

D) individual

32) Although Anton
Mesmer was criticized for his animal magnetism approach to treatment, he
managed to demonstrate the importance of

A) a
physician’s training.

B) energy

C) humane

D) the
placebo effect.

33) Darien is 3 years old. He
slips off a step, falls, and bruises his knee. Upon picking the crying toddler
up, Darien’s mother kisses his knee and gives
him an M&M. Magically, Darien’s
pain disappears. This phenomenon would be known as the _____________ in psychology.

A) Mesmer

B) talking

C) placebo

D) classical
conditioning effect

34) Emil Kraepelin
is best known for his contributions to the study of schizophrenia. He
introduced two new diagnostic categories of disordered behavior — dementia
praecox and manic-depressive insanity — based on symptom differentiation,
_________________, and ________________.

A) etiology;

B) etiology;

C) prognosis;

D) prognosis;

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