Do you think crafts have a place in the art world? Why? Back up your opinion.
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I selected the Eiffel Tower which was built in 1889 as the architectural structure that I am attracted to.  When I am viewing this structure, I think of it appearing in romantic settings that are found in many films. Although it was criticized in the beginning for its openness, I find that it is refreshing instead of the steel and concrete buildings that light cannot permeate. The most fascinating thing to me is that is was not constructed on site, instead it was prefabricated and then assembled by 150 workers in 17 months where it now stands. When one sees the Eiffel Tower, your mind automatically thinks of Paris.
Yes, I definitely think crafts have a part in the art world.  To create crafts one must have an artistic mind and convey that through their work.  As example, Miriam Schapiro’s, Wonderland, expresses beauty while still being a utilitarian piece of fabric as possibly a quilt.  She was able to use it as an outlet for her artistic expression.  It actually hangs in the Smithsonian Art Institute today.

I am attracted most to Moshe Safdie’s work, “Habitat.” The design of these houses I think is one of the neatest things. I have always thought these designs were neat and I am glad to see someone that is expressing it. Another reason that this is my favorite architectural work is how unique and close together the houses are. They were stacked on another so that the roof of one unit would provide a private deck for another.
I most definitely think crafts have a place in this world. Although crafts are an amazing kind of art, it also provides a fun way to create art. Crafts are many people’s favorite hobbies. It allows people to express there art in their own way without having to be the best at drawing. Crafts are made by several artists, but they can also be made by anybody that has the interest.

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