DiscussSynthesis of Tris Pyrazolylborate.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Synthesis of Tris Pyrazolylborate. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Trispyrazolylborate (Tp) is an organic anionic tetradentate or tripodal ligand that has the chemical formula [HB (C3N2H3)3]. Trispyrazolylborate specifically refers to the derivatives substituted on the pyrazolyl rings. In the resonance structures of this compound, the nitrogen centers that are not bonded to boron are basic (Topaloglu-Sozuer et al., 2005). These centers bond to three adjacent sites of a metal such that the simple adducts have C3v symmetry. The bonding mode is similar to that of cyclopentadienyl ligands though the ligand field stabilization energy of Tp- is weaker as indicated by the fact that Fe (Tp)2 is a spin crossover complex while ferrocene is low spin (Yong Heng, Aoki, & Feng Ying, 2004). The Tp ligands are prepared in the laboratory by reacting pyrazole with potassium borohydride according to the equation:

KBH4 + 3C3H3N2H → K [HB (C3N2H3)3] +3H2

The intermediate compounds include the monopyrazolylborate ([H3B (C3N2H2)2]- and the bispyrazolylborate ([H2B(C3N2H2)2]-. The potassium Trispyrazolylborate is a colorless solid that is soluble in polar solvents and has a melting point of 188-1890C (Maldonado, & Vahrenkamp, 2006).

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When 3-substituted pyrazoles are condensed with borohydride, the corresponding substituent Trispyrazolylborate derivatives are formed. The substituent formed pushes boron the less hindered nitrogen center and hence 3-phenylpyrazole gives [HB (C3N2H2Ph) 3]- whereas the phenyl substituents project away from the metal.

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