Discussion on water pollution and other environmental issues in san diego.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on water pollution and other environmental issues in san diego. Needs to be plagiarism free! Water pollution means the infliction of some damage to the lakes, an ocean, river, or any other water source. It renders the water unsafe not only for human consumption but it also threatens marine life (Parnell, et.al., 21). San Diego County is among the states that are reeling from the effects of water pollution. It is very distressing that the county has to import 80% of her water from Northern California and the Colorado River because of the impacts of water pollution. Water pollution is simply a poor quality of water. Water pollution in San Diego is mostly non-point source pollution. It implies that pollution comes from many rather than a single source. The urban runoff also known as stormwater poses the greatest threat to water pollution in San Diego. It refers to a situation where rainwater washes over man-made surfaces. The water absorbs the materials collected on the surface such as grease, pesticides, oil, metals, litter, and toxic chemicals. The county, thus experiences ‘first flush’ and this causes high levels of water pollution. Estimations reveal that about 78% of marine debris comes from the land. These include plastic materials that account for the majority of the debris.

Industrial and construction sites promote water pollution. They drain their wastes into the water sources and this poses a risk to marine life. Sewer overflows are also a source of water pollution. These sewage spills are rampant due to the inefficiency of water treatment plants (Tijuana River Valley Recovery Team 44). Pollution results from the lack of well-connected piping and this facilitates the flow of untreated sewerage into the waters. The fact that the storm drains have weak linkages with the sewer systems does not alleviate the situation. The stormwater flows directly into water sources and this is the greatest challenge that thwarts the efforts to alleviate water pollution. Furthermore, wastewater from homes poses danger since discharging it into water sources results in contamination. Detergents and pesticides found in the wastewater end up in the oceans and rivers.

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