Discussion on The Waikato River and the Maori.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Waikato River and the Maori. It needs to be at least 2500 words. In places where there have been settlements by colonizers, the original inhabitants of that area have had recourse to objects of nature to maintain a sense of fixedness and continuity as well. The Waikato River represents for the Maori people of New Zealand an entity that does not change in spite of the repeated encroachments in other areas of their culture by the forces of colonial modernity. In this regard, it is important to analyze the nature of the importance of legislation that has come up in the past in relation to the use of natural objects and in particular, water bodies. They hold special significance for people of the Maori tribes as they were the source of life for these tribes for a very long time. It provided the water for agriculture and at the same time, also provided the Waikato tribes with the fish that they needed for their survival.

Having played such an important part in the lives of these tribes of New Zealand, it is easy to understand the insecurities that were experienced by people at the time when large parts of the land adjoining the Waikato River were sold to people who had come to New Zealand with the intention of colonizing the land. The matter became one of social and tribal prestige and hence is closely connected with the sense of loss of identity that these people faced at a point of time in history (The Waikato River and its Catchment, 2012).

An analysis of the importance of the Waikato River in modern times for the tribes that have been using its resources for a very long time needs to be analyzed through the recent legislation that has been made in this respect. The Resource Management Act of the state of New Zealand sought to reduce the activities of construction that were considered to be harmful to the ecology of the area. This is indeed a commendable achievement since, in most countries, protests and action for the dispossessed&nbsp.have been stalled or decimated by lobbies of businessmen and other interests that have more, supposedly, to offer a modern state.

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