Discussion on the uses of internet have become more extensive on a global context.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Proposition 8. Proposition 8 Overview In the 21st century, the uses of internet have become more extensive on a global context. In this regard, both individuals andorganisations are depending on internet to conduct their operations more adequately. As an effect, modern civilization has been witnessing several benefits and challenges while using internet in daily operations (Perlroth, 2012).

California state government has passed the law of ‘same and opposite sex’ marriage in California with the proposition 8 guideline. As an effect, it has been recognised that the names of the married persons along with their addresses and financial contribution towards the campaign has been recorded for the future references through social networking websites. However, the data recorded as public information is inconvenient to access and possesses the risk of privacy breach (California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, 2008).

In this regard, the assignment focuses on explaining the side effects of providing donors’ information in accordance with Proposition 8.

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Side Effects of providing Donors’ Information Publicly

With the emergence of internet, privacy is the most essential concern for users accessing internet. The development of information technology and computer science has both positive and negative effects and on the negative side, it has led to different unethical practices. Hackers and intruders are identified to access confidential information through unauthorized access on the system. In this regard, it can be possible for cyber criminals to access data of the married persons unethically, which may raise problems for donors providing private information such as address and credit card information among others. Thus, it can be asserted that Proposition 8 may raise challenges in terms of breach of privacy rights as well as threats for donors providing private information (Sembok, 2003).

It can be evidently asserted that the actions undertaken in the Proposition 8 of providing private information publicly through social networking websites have raised problems relating to inconvenience of accessing information and breach of privacy. Additionally, the actions of providing private information without appropriate privacy measures and security tools may assist intruders and hackers in breaching information of donors efficiently (Perlroth, 2012. Sembok, 2003).


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