Discussion on project management in arabian gulf

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on project management in arabian gulf Paper must be at least 4000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! the level of the state the following issues need to be taken into consideration: a) the resources required for the development of projects related to the public sector are usually limited, compared to the private sector where the needs of projects in terms of funding, staff or infrastructure can be covered easier. b) projects of the public sector are more difficult to be closely monitored due to the high bureaucracy that characterizes the particular sector. c) tight deadlines are often not welcomed in the public sector where the time required for identifying necessary resources or completing the paperwork related to the project can be extremely high. in the private sector where no such issues appear it is quite easy to avoid delays in the completion of a project under the terms that the resources required have been identified in advance and d) in the public sector the potentials for introducing changes in a project which is in progress are rather limited, since such initiative needs to be approved by the authority which gave the permission for the project’s beginning.

Current paper focuses on the characteristics and the performance of project management in Arabian Gulf. The particular area is characterized by major construction projects, as explained below. Projects in other sectors are also periodically developed in the specific region according to the local needs. It is revealed that the performance of project management in Arabian Gulf is quite high with signs for further growth. Still, it is necessary that appropriate measures are taken so that the monitoring of these projects to be improved. in this way, the projects’ costs will be kept low while the chances for the successful implementation of these projects will be significantly increased.

The paper has been divided into four parts.

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