Discussion on patriarchy and gender stereotypes on how i met your mother.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses patriarchy and gender stereotypes on how i met your mother. The behavior is not always challenged by the other characters in the narration, in fact, they actively participate with Barney in his endeavors occasionally betting whether he will succeed in bedding a woman or not. The notion of whether this kind of sexism is tolerable or acceptable is not even questionable in the show. Barney brands women to be products that are usable and have expiration dates (imdb.com 2009). The women Barney interacts with are also portrayed as naïve, painting the encounters as somewhat horrific too – it is almost obvious that all women will fall for his manipulative tricks and charms. Barney character is portrayed is ‘theory expert of women’, he claims a lot of assumptions concerning women. Women in the show do not project distinct personalities save for the main characters, and they are naïve enough not to realize when someone is deliberately manipulating them (BAYS & THOMAS 2005). The main female characters in the show actively partake in Barney’s objectification of other female characters. This is because of the basing of their roles to be biased on the male side. They are more identifiable with the other male companions than other female characters.

The Ericksen family is portrayed as sexist, they hold a strong belief in the superiority of the male gender over the female (imdb.com 2009). This concept is exhibited by Marshall Father’s pride in his sons. He is proud of the Erickson lineage for furthering the male population. When Marshall and Lily try to conceive a baby, he advocates for them to try and have a male child and not a female one (BAYS & THOMAS 2005). He advises Marshall on different ways to conceive a male child. An example is advising Marshall to place a pillow on Lily’s back and avoidance of eating a lemon. A firm conviction that he regards the male sex to be superior to the female sex.&nbsp.

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