Discussion on nicholson bakers human smoke.

Write a 5 pages paper on nicholson bakers human smoke. In the book, Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War -II, the End of the Civilization, Nicholson Baker attempts to trace the origins of the Second World War, the cruelty of the war participants, the mistakes of the world leaders particularly Winston Churchill. Baker locates the evidence of Winston Churchill’s penchant for the revelries of the night and his share in instigating Nazi Germany to war. Baker does not employ the straightforward narration as a polemicist. The entire book is a set of vignettes from magazine articles, newspapers, diaries, and memoirs. In other words, “Human Smoke” is a reception of the Second World War. However, history is always tainted by the perception of individuals. Baker has aimed at showing the numerous perceptions of the people in respect to the Second World War. It also analyzes the war strategies adopted by world leaders. The work is Baker’s documentary on the political leaders of Britain and the United States and the adoption of corrupt measures taken by them to provoke Germany to the Second World War.

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