Discussion on heroin use with youths on the rise

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on heroin use with youths on the rise Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Further, many young people believe that the purer strain of heroin available today makes the drug better for snorting instead of intravenous use, which makes it less likely to become addicting, which is totally false. (Allen 12)

reports a serious increase in the overdose rate for heroin is Will County in Ill., which counts 23 young victims this year as opposed to 16 for 2009. In Jefferson County, Alabama, heroin overdose deaths rose from 6 in 2007 to 18 in 2008, a startling three-fold increase.

Most experts agree that there are many causes of this alarming trend. These trends are most noticeable in states such as New York, Illinois, Alabama, and Oregon, but the cause is thought to be the same in virtually all states: the relatively inexpensive price of heroin, as well as the decline that has been seen in recent years in the adult market for prescription opioid painkillers. As a result of this void, teenage users and potential users have been targeted by purveyors of the drugs. (Baker 16)

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Another reason for this disturbing trend is the nature of the drug itself. Heroin is, by its nature, easier to gain a tolerance for. As a result, users can find themselves addicted to the drug in a much shorter period of time compared to other drugs. This also causes users to become addicted to the drug while being much less aware of the consequences. This also makes these teenage users more afraid to tell their parents or other officials until the addiction is much further along than is usually the case with other drugs.

Also, as stated above, the greater availability of prescription opioid painkillers affects not only the perception of heroin to teen users but results in greater domestication of the drug as well as a perception of the drug as “less scary” than it once was, i.e., heroin is just another drug just like mom&nbsp.

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