Discussion on goals of sentencing.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on goals of sentencing. Needs to be plagiarism free! The guidelines are used as a basis for choosing the right kind of sentence after proper consideration of all aspects of the case, including reliable evidence (Adams, 2010). These sentencing guidelines have certain implications which oftentimes complement the goals of sentencing. There are also sentencing constitutional considerations which come into play in many court proceedings. The interplay between sentencing guidelines and constitutional requirements and rights is important in the eventual outcome of a court case (Champion, 2008).

Some of the general goals for sentencing include retribution, restoration, general deterrence, specific deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. Retribution is issued as a form of punishment for going against societal legal requirements. It is issued when there is a definite need for vengeance. General deterrence is supposed to deter would-be offenders from carrying out criminal activities by punishing those who have already offended. Specific deterrence, on the other hand, is supposed to discourage former offenders from offending again (Siegel, 2010). Restorative goals of sentencing have to do with the aspect of crime control through communities. In this case, the restoration looks at the welfare of the community, crime victims and the offenders themselves. Incapacitation renders the offender unable to commit more crime. This goal seeks to offer protection to society from offenders who are likely to do them harm. Rehabilitation brings about intervention-assisted behavioral changes in the offender such that they choose to refrain from engaging in criminal activities (Cole and Smith, 2007).

Incarcerations are sentences that are issued in terms of jail terms or prison terms. Jail terms are normally shorter than prison terms. Most jails are run and operated at the county level. Those individuals who are likely to spend time in jail include defendants who have not yet been convicted, defendants&nbsp.who are unable to meet bail requirements, felons who have violated their probation terms and convicted misdemeanants.

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