Discussion on annotade on iq.

Need an research paper on annotade on iq. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Arthur, Jensen. Bias in mental testing. Michigan: Free Press, 1980. Print. In this book, the explains the mains issues involved in criticismof different methods of IQ test and what people say about the biasness of mental testing. He puts the criticism in five categories and discussed one by one in details explaining how fair the methods are though they are being criticized. He concludes that the methods used in IQ test are not biased since the amount of research evidence is sufficient for an objective determination of bias. This book will help me in writing my literature review on the criticism against different methods of testing IQ.

Catherine Zentile. What IQ Tests Cant Tell You. Science Articles: The Naked Scientists: Science Radio & Science Podcasts. Cambridge University. 2008. Available at http://www.thenakedscientists.com/HTML/articles/article/what-iq-tests-cannot-tell-you/.

The author explains in his article that IQ changes over time. She uses a research that was carried out by Flynn in 1984 in which Flynn found out that IQ changes over generations. She also explains that In order for an I.Q. test to give an accurate score it must be standardized using a representative sample of the age group, giving the median person a score of 100. This article will provide me with information about how IQ has changed over time.

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Etienne Benson. Intelligent intelligence testing. American psychological association. 2003, Vol 34, No. 2.

The article explains how Psychologists are broadening the concept of intelligence and how to test it using different methods. The author put into context how different psychologists are improving the methods of IQ test and how they are coming up with new methods. The author borrowed information from researchers like Nadeen Kaufman, Jack Naglieri and others in explaining his points. The article will provide me with information from different psychologist on how new methods are developing and how far the broadening has gone.

Jonathan Plucker. The Flynn Effect. Human intelligence. 2002. Available at http://www.indiana.edu/~intell/flynneffect.shtml.

The author explains how the general IQ scores of a population change over time. The author uses the three graphs that was used by Flynn to explain the change in intelligence. It also explains different types of intelligence. The article provides information on IQ gain and possible causes for the Flynn Effect.

Kendra Cherry. Theories of Intelligence. About.com psychology. 2000. Available at http://psychology.about.com/od/cognitivepsychology/p/intelligence.htm.

The author explains different theories of intelligence. The author found out there is no standard definition of intelligence in his research. The author researched the information from different theories by different people. The article will assist me in my literature review by providing information on different theories of intelligence.

Malcolm, Gladwell. Outliers: the story of success. New York: Penguin Books, 2009. Print.

In this book, the author argues that there are several methods of measuring human IQ and different methods give different finding, it also explains that IQ from a certain percentage though they are different do not matter. The author of the book looks into different research that was done by different people and she analyzed how each researcher carried out his research and its findings. The author concludes that to find the percentage of IQ of a person several methods need to be applied. I will use this book in my literature review to show that if you want to determine the IQ of a person no single method has been found to work and different methods that has been tested give different results and also intellect and achievement are far from perfectly correlated.

Malcolm Gladwell. What I.Q. doesnt tell you about race? The new Yorker. Architectural digest. 2007. Available at http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/books/2007/12/17/071217crbo_books_gladwell.

The author explains in the article that the IQ percentage rises across generations. He used a test that was carried out by a scholar known as James Flynn. Fynn explain in his experiment that the IQ of current generation is higher than the past generation. This article will provide me with information on how IQ changes from one generation to another.

New Method Of Scoring IQ Tests Benefits Children With Intellectual Disabilities. Science daily. Available at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/12/081215112701.htm.

The article explains that the latest methods of IQ test have benefitted children with intellectual disabilities. This is because the tests are scored according to the mean performance of children without disabilities. The information in the article are from the experiment carried out by different researchers including David Hessl. This article will provide information on how the new methods have benefitted the children with Intellectual Disabilities.

Stephen Ceci. IQ to the Test. Psychology today. 2001. Available at http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200107/iq-the-test.

In the article, the author explains 11 facts about intelligence. This provides information that helps to understand IQ in details. The author carried out research by analyzing different information from different researchers on IQ. This will help in my article review by proving me with facts about IQ.

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