Discuss Tree in a field.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Tree in a field. At the age of 15, Walter Kuhn sold the first drawing to a certain magazine. it is at this point that he began to sign his name as Walt. He would later enroll for evening art classes at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in 1893. Later, Kuhn lost interest on becoming artist and instead chose to sell bicycles in a shop at Brooklyn. He had a very dedicative personality and yet he would also be regarded as impulsive.

By 1899, Kuhn was overwhelmed with the ideas from the American West. Though he only $60, he decided to move to California. In San Francisco, Kuhn began to draw cartoons to WASP magazine. He later moved to Paris in 1901and then enrolled in the formal class of the Academy Colarossi. He never got much exited with the learning and chose to move to Munich where he got opportunity to study under Barbizon Painter Heinrich von Zugel

After 2 years, Kuhn returned to New York and found himself immersed in the booming art scene in New York. He helped manage the Kit Kat Club while at the same time he continued to work as an illustrator for local journals. The Kit Club was an organization which had a responsibility of raising funds for the scholarship at the Academy of Design. Kuhn staged his first exhibition in 1905 at Salmagundi Club, presenting himself both as a serious painter and a cartoonist. In the same year, Kuhn submitted his first illustration of the LIFE magazine. (Meally, Robert G., and Romare Bearden, 19)

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Kuhn in most of his time spent his summer in Fort Lee in New Jersey. This area provided him with a good environment for creativity which he needed to thrive in the industry. Kuhn would later join the New York School of art when they moved to the area as a member of the faculty. He later moved to New York where he got married to Vera Spier. They got one child Brenda Kuhn.

At the point when his home life blossomed, his career too became better and better.

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