Discuss the sandwich generation.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the sandwich generation. In order to state the best and the most accurate conclusion, a few examples of actual sandwich generation couples are included as well.

Sandwich Generation (Zal, 2001) is the generation stuck between two generations who are supposed to take care and give support to the younger generation (their children) and the older generation (their parents) at the same time. It is likely to suffer from a number of various psychological, social and economic problems are they do their job of prioritizing one of the generations over the other in different instances. The American Census of 2002 calculated that around 80-90 per cent households in America provided assistance to ageing parents, young children, disabled adult children and other relatives. The sandwich generations at most of the instances provided spiritual, emotional, physical, legal and spiritual support to the dependent generations. The role of the sandwich generations in these families is very demanding, stressful and mentally straining, as they are most likely to suffer from financial and emotional insecurities (Roots, 1998).

According to Carol Abaya (Funnel et al, 2008), there are three different kinds of sandwich generations in various families in general. The first kind of the sandwich generation, known as the Traditional Sandwich Generation, takes care of their ageing parents and young children at the same time. The second kind, known as the Club Sandwich Generation (Funnel et al, 2008), is of two kinds. one takes care of their ageing parents, adult children and grandchildren, this group is likely to be in their 50s or 60s, the second group is likely to be of people in their ‘30s or 40s, providing support for their young children, ageing parents and grandparents’ (Funnel et al, 2008). In addition, the third kind is the one known as, Open Faced, this group, as describes by Abaya, consists of anyone else who takes&nbsp.part in the care of elderly (Funnel et al, 2008).

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