Discuss the necessity of pluralistic vision.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the necessity of pluralistic vision. The globalization process is ongoing, and it’s too powerful for any cultural tradition to stop it, so different philosophies and religions are penetrating in one’s conciseness and to say that one is absolutely able to protect himself from such an influence means to say he/she is able to protect himself/herself from the modern world. In such circumstances to stay religiously (like a part of the culture) intolerant seams not only inhumane but also, old fashioned.

For the modern world where appear to be a lot of different religions, there’re things from each of them to take for the general mankind’s sake. In the article “The Buddhas Undetermined Questions and the Religions” John Hick says: “Those of us who are not Buddhists should nevertheless be open to benefiting from the Buddhas very challenging insights” (Hick). What are the main reasons for that? And how Buddhism can help all religions to live in a safer world?

As the world is ruled in the model of a social contract, it’s the leader of the country or the church who represents main ideas shared by his/its followers. Dalai Lama is the one who speaks on behalf of the Tibetan Buddhists as their spiritual leader, but also the temporal leader of Tibet. In his book “Toward a True Kinship of Faiths” Dalai Lama XIV says, his temporal duties are on the third place for him, because firstly he’s concerned about common world’s problems, nevertheless, the political situation in Tibet is quite strained these days. And in the first place for him always will be the world’s peace and the general human happiness caused by maintaining the basic human rights and values. On the second place for him is his promotional work on a religious field in order to make all religions come to harmony and understanding (Dalai Lama). Such a position seems the most appropriate for the modern situation. The world faces global problems like global warming, overpopulation and the leak of natural resources, yet most of the leaders continue to consider national interests like the most important.

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