Discuss . the motivations behind the birth of modern philosophy

I need some assistance with these assignment. the motivations behind the birth of modern philosophy Thank you in advance for the help! Basing our argument on philosophy, it can be noted that the previous philosophy or rather the ancient philosophy do not give out the same picture as it used to be some years ago. As the way of life changes, so are things like philosophy and sociology just to mention but a few. However, before a change can fully be implemented, there must be a motivation. The same applies to modern philosophy. Before attaining its current state, there was a motivational appeal, which our ancestors anchored on to foster the attainment of their desires. First, our ancestors had a sense of recognition in that they recognized the existence of a new path that had departed from the medieval scholasticism. From that point, they started to refer to their own philosophizing style as “modern.” Notably, the recognition of medieval scholasticism departed path designating the modern philosophy.


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