Discuss the historical changes in the religion of satanism.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the historical changes in the religion of satanism. Satanism is practiced in many areas in the U.S., but little is known about actual practitioners because much of what takes place at Satanic gatherings is very secretive and exclusive. In this piece, one will most definitely explore the definition of religion and the non-empirical. the story and symbolism of Satanism. and rituals, altered consciousness, and historical changes in the religion of Satanism.

The working definition of religion has to do with the way people associate meaning with rituals. In all religions, there are definitely aspects of the non-empirical. One of the issues that cannot necessarily be measured is the degree to which one believes that Satan—the deity of Satanism—is actually real.

Much of what has been vilified about the group in the news has been over other elements of the occult that are tied to Satanic practice. According to Magdalino (2006), “The close but tense relationship between occult scientists and rulers or would-be rulers is, more than anything, what puts occult science in the news…” (pp. 120).

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The form that the non-empirical takes in Satanism is that there is no actual evidence that the ideas brought forth in Satanism are actually real—or if they are just ideas that are popularly proffered by certain groups of people in the occult who want to scare others into submission to this particular religious persuasion.

Without a doubt, Satanism does fit into the definition of making up all of the elements of a religion. However, unlike many other world religions, it does not advocate peace or freedom, but strife and bondage.

Certainly, like any other religion—it has its adherents. It also has its opponents, usually, Christians who are bent upon focusing upon the person who had the most direct contact and supernatural encounters with Satan himself—who is found in the person of Jesus Christ, God’s Son (according to those who believe in scriptural inerrancy).

Definitely, one of the problems inherent in Satanism is that the individual is put first before the community and the good of the common man.

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