Discuss Issues in Real Estate/Planning.

I will pay for the following article Issues in Real Estate/Planning. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. tistics indicate that very many people in the UK are unpleased with the construction and property industry because of the negative effects it brings to the environment. In addition, the investors in this industry have not been fully socially responsible in terms of promoting consumer protection, equity and access, and ensuring observation of basic human rights. This paper will provide incentives on how to prevent real estate investors from further hostility from the community, by providing interventions that are most effective to address sustainability.

The UK construction industry is a very active player in the country’s economy. As noted in a study by Lorenz (2011), this high-impact industry conducts its activities totally in the public arena. However, a closer analysis of this industry finds out that it does not fully incorporate sustainability into their work processes (Lorenz, 2011). Those who have incorporated sustainability have explored alternative green options for their buildings. Experts argue that green buildings minimize carbon emission because it uses recycled materials, and it has the energy-efficient equipment, and protects the well-beings of occupants. The owners of green buildings are conscious about the daily environment impact of the construction sector (Schwartz, 2011).

In many cases, real estate investors in the UK have focused more on conducting ethical investment and have concentrated less on being socially responsible. The investors believe that ethical investment is the answer to the problems such as environmental degradation, inadequate consumer protection, and abuse of basic human rights. However, there is lack of enough literature that can prove these commonalities (Mullerat, 2011).

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There is need for construction companies in the UK to consider protecting the environment and ensuring less impact that their work practices have on the environment.

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