Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Antisocial Personality Disorder in the Unforgiven. The paper will start with an overview of the Antisocial Personality Disorder, which will be followed by a brief synopsis of the movie before illustrations are made of this condition from the character. A final concluding paragraph will be given, to summarize, the paper.

An antisocial personality disorder is a condition shown through a pattern of contempt and disregard of other people’s rights (Black et al., 12). This is usually illustrated through violation of these rights by individuals with thins disorder. The condition may begin during the early years of development or when a child is approaching his teenage. These individuals lack empathy as well as tending to be callous, contemptuous and cynical of people’s sufferings, feelings and rights. In many cases, they may demonstrate arrogantly and inflated self-appraisal. In addition, an individual with Antisocial Personality

The disorder may be excessively opinionated, cocky and self-assured (Black et al., 18). He may as well show a superficial charm, a glib, being quite verbally or voluble. These individuals can be irresponsible, including being exploitative in their sexual relationships.

‘Unforgiven is a movie showing the story of the main character William Munny. William Munny is first presented as a hog farmer, but it is clear that he is not such good at this work based on how he is unable to get a hog, instead, he keeps falling (Buscombe, 26). The background of William Munny is that his wife left him after she died of smallpox (Hoffmann, 34). He is now with his two kids whom she bore him after staying together for eight years in Kansas. Before marrying, he has been a renowned killer with his friend Ned.

While attending his farm work, he is approached by a young man called Schofield Kid who is in need of Munny’s services of killing the two cowboys, Davey and Mike, in exchange for money (Buscombe, 19). The borne of controversy is that Delilah, one of the women at the brothel, which is owned by Skinny Dubois, according to Mike, had made abusive comments thus forcing Mike to take a knife and scarring her face. The hatred between Davey and Mike and the women crop up.

Munny has for the&nbsp.last eleven years stopped his habit of alcoholism and killings.

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